The Christmas coloring contest begins now! Your mission is to transform this spooky image into a holiday scene 🎄 You can add Santa hats, Christmas trees, ornaments or other decorations and creatures etc etc. Read the rules below. If you have a copy of my Haunted Dolls Coloring Book, you can choose a different picture to use.

The rules:

You can use any of the coloring pages from my “Haunted Dolls” coloring book, or the printable page made available here or on my FB.

The picture is to be transformed and colored in a Christmas theme. Should be a fun challenge! Add whatever you want to the scene to spice it up…. Christmas costumes, decorations, glitter, whatever lol The merrier the better!🎄🎅🤶

Any medium is acceptable: markers, pencils, paints, digital etc

Submit a photo of your creation on or before December 30th via my Facebook at or via Instagram at

THE PRIZES… The winner will be announced on New Year’s Day and will receive (#1) a signed copy of my “Haunted Dolls: the coloring book of nightmares” AND (#2) the signed original of this illustration AND (#3) a unique postcard from me, as well as (#4) being mentioned on all of my social media along with a photo of your entry 🖤 ….aaaand (#5) a small surprise mystery gift 🖤🖤

I can’t wait to see what merry mischief you all come up with for these creepy little guys 🖤 GOOD LUCK!