So, I’ve started yet another mysterious project… two in fact 🖤 And these, in my opinion, may be even cooler than my “Haunted Dolls: the coloring book of nightmares” 😳😳😳

Haunted Dolls, as with my newest two projects, was kept secret throughout the entire process because (and I don’t even know how) there are no other haunted doll coloring books like it in the WORLD! So, I kept that one under my hat just in case. My new book projects are, once again, very unique subjects for coloring books, and as far as I can see, has never been done. These are going to be awesome…and creepy spectacular!🖤

The process….

So much work goes into each one of my projects. Months of research and writing, rewriting, editing, rewriting again, more editing, many long hours and days spent working on illustrations, redrawing illustrations, penciling then inking, days and weeks spent working on the cover art, ads, corresponding web updates… there are more little gears in this machine than I can think to list here. It really is a fun and exciting process, but it’s also very time consuming.

I do all of this work myself, every last detail, but I do have help in other areas and in other ways that are just as important. I have people like my daughters and sister who listen to my endless ideas and give me priceless feedback. I have my friends Jess and Jason who are usually the first people to read my work, scanning for errors and brutally critiquing my work so that by the time it reaches my readers it’s in tip top shape. And then I have other people like my Patreons…. absolute creative angels, these guys! Where do I even begin?! These amazing people have chosen to be there for me on a whole other level…

Let me count the ways…

As patrons of the arts, each one of these people (3 members currently) have elected to send a small monthly fee to help me along the way with my creative endeavors. This money goes towards art supplies, of course, but it also goes towards the purchase of time. This monthly aid means that I can work just a little less at the day job and a little more on my creative projects… which to me is absolutely priceless. In return, for this beautiful gift of creative supplies and time, my patrons get different levels of perks (details below). It’s a fun relationship just for these things alone, but really it is so much more.

Each of the three patrons that I have are such amazing people… creative, kind, generous souls 🥰 I don’t know how it normally goes with patrons but I have gotten pretty close with these three. I talk them pretty much daily, about creative ideas, project progress, movies we’ve watched, tea and awesome blue hair 😂 among other things! They truly are amazing people and kindred souls that inspire me every day to keep pushing towards my goals.

I mean, I knew that Patreon could be a cool way to connect with my fans, but I never expected this!

So far, in return for their support, I’ve been sending each of them signed books, unique post cards and a few other small just-because gifts, aaaand they were each immortalized in the Patron dedication of my most recent book and on my webpage at And this is just the beginning 😳 I’m reeeeally looking forward to putting together their Halloween boxes in a couple of months and for Christmas. Lots of fun stuff 🖤

So, my point in this post…

I did have a point before I got all the warm fuzzies thinking about the amazing people who make what I do possible

My reason for posting this is to explain what Patreon is all about and to put the option out there for anyone else who would like to climb on board, becoming part of my creative tribe as I begin on yet another big project. Being part of this team, you not only help me to achieve my goals, you also get to be there for the whole process. You get behind the scenes peeks at the project before anyone else does, you get signed copies before anyone else… The perks are really too many to list here, but you can check them out in further detail at , absolutely no obligation. Just click the link and check out the different options to join. There are packages that start as low as $1, the amount and the monthly prizes going up from there.

It really is a cool setup and I would be so grateful to any who would be willing to check it out and pass the info along in support. I would also be beyond grateful to any who have checked out my patreon page and who have suggestions etc.