And the other of those two spirits, as promised, my great great grandmother Maggie Bell. I could tell you of many experiences that I’ve had with her, but this time I’ll just tell you of the one incident that inspired my “Two Souls & an Orphan”

If you have ever seen a ghost for yourself, then you know how common it is to doubt your sanity in such a situation. But when your two and three-year-old daughters come to you having seen the same things, it’s a strange and wonderful proof. Out of the mouths of babes come only the purest truth. Another great confirmation of your sanity is of course actual, tangible proof. I did get such proof with Maggie Bell, twice.

Many years ago, when I was maybe 18, I resided in Freeport Florida. I lived in a mobile home and, as some of you may know, those things are wildly flammable. Well, one night, just after falling asleep, something jabbed me hard in the ribs. I open my eyes and instantly i thought it was the man next to me (my husband at the time). But he was on the wrong side of me, it couldn’t have been him. So, I assumed that I had I imagined it and closed my eyes again. I started to doze off once more when I heard a woman’s voice say “check the heater” while being jabbed in my ribs yet again. I jerk awake and this time I knew what was going on—a spirit was in the room with me. I’d had enough experiences with them by now to know what was going on and to not be afraid, though this voice was new to me. I did as I was told, sitting up to look at the heater, but it seemed fine. I shrugged and lay down, dozing off again. Once more I’m jabbed in the ribs and I hear “check the cord!!” The mysterious spirit was so persistent, I could no longer ignore it. I got out of bed and went to the heater, where I discovered that the cord had been chewed through by a mouse and had already started to burn a hole through the carpet; it was glowing orange! I was completely stunned, thinking of what could have happened on that night and so deeply grateful to this spirit that had saved my life.

So, I finally get the embers in the carpet put out completely with water and I unplugged the heater. I said a heartfelt thank you to this rib-poking guardian angel, and then went back to sleep. As I drifted off to sleep, I heard her voice again but this time I didn’t wake up. Instead I fell deeper into sleep, walking towards the voice in my dream. I came to a place where I found a little old lady waiting for me. She spoke as though we were well acquainted, as if we knew each other well. “Now get over here and give me a kiss,” she ordered. I did as I was told, because for some reason I felt like I knew her. I felt completely comfortable with her. But when I awoke, I had no clue who she was though I still felt the familiarity.

I felt strongly that she must be family, so the next day I went to my dad’s and told him everything that had happened. I told him that I didn’t recognize her, but I just knew her. My dad was accustomed to these things with me by now and he took it very seriously. He thought about it for a moment, contemplating my description of the woman, and then finally said, “maybe it was your great gramma Ruby.” And this made sense, as she had held me as an infant on her death bed. But when he further described her, I knew that this was not the woman I had seen. So, we decided it must be some other family member or just my guardian angel and we left it at that.

That was, until a package arrived for my dad a few weeks later.

I went to visit my dad, as I often did. As I came into the house, I saw a stack of old photos sitting on the table. To my absolute surprise, there she was! My guardian angel, right on the very top of the stack. “That’s the woman, dad!” I burst out, with excitement. I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Who is this? That’s the woman who saved me.” My dad chuckled and said that he should have known that’s who it was by the way she had jabbed my ribs and demanded her kisses, just as she had in life. He said that the photos had just arrived from a family member in Alabama, and that this woman was my great great grandmother, Maggie Bell.

He told me of how she was a very protective matriarch in our family. Even into her old age she protected her family, wielding a cane and promises of a beating if anyone messed with her children. Apparently, she is still just as fierce in protecting her clan. She has saved my life and visited me quite a few times over the years. There really are too many stories of my experiences with her to tell them all here, but one of my other favorites with her involves my oldest daughter. A lovely confirmation of my sanity lol

One night, I was very sick and had gone to bed after putting my girls to sleep. I slept for a while, but around 1am I awoke to the faint sound of the television, which was really odd. My husband at the time was sound asleep next to me, and when the girls (2 and 3 at the time) would wake in the night they always came straight to my bed. So, I moved slowly towards the living room fully expecting a ghostly encounter or an intruder. However, when I reached the living room the only thing i saw was my little three-year-old daughter sitting on the couch alone in the dark, hugging her bear and watching cartoons. I knelt before her and asked, “What are you doing in here, silly? You’re suppose to be in bed.” And she very simply replied, “Granny told me to. She said it was okay.” I looked around but she’d already gone, though I knew she had been there to keep her great grand-baby occupied so i could get some much needed rest.

And the interesting part is that the girls didn’t have anyone else that they called “granny”. They had a “nanny”, “gramma” and a “grand mama”. I knew in my heart who she was referring to though, so I called my dad and asked what he had called Maggie Bell when she was alive…. he said “Granny” 🥰

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