Some of you may be pulling out your best party dress and dancing shoes for tonight, but this little author has something more relaxing in mind as I welcome the new year….

Hot cup of tea, watching a few well-made documentaries on my favorite authors… and then walking down to the docks for fireworks at midnight with a few friends.

My own personal little slice of heaven.

So, with these wonderful documentations of inspiration playing on my television, I’ve decided to share a list of some of my all-time favorites…. Enjoy!

1. The Real Mary Poppins

2. Looking for the hobbit (5 part documentary)

3. Rural Britain – a novel approach (6 part documentary covering multiple British authors)

4. Narnia’s lost poet

5. The life and faith of C.S. Lewis (directed by Chip Duncan, available on Amazon prime. Couldn’t find it on YouTube)

6. The fantasy makers: Tolkien, Lewis and McDonald (Available in Amazon prime)

7. The secret world of Lewis Carroll

8. J.K. Rowling – a year in the life

9. Lovecraft : fear of the unknown

10. Frankenstein : birth of a monster

11. Orchard House : home of “Little Women”

I only have 10 in this list so far, but I’ll be adding more… like my ever-growing list of 108 movies for writers.