A member of my writer’s group recently asked how she should market her children’s book locally, and so I answered with these tips….

1. Donate a few copies to local libraries

2. Donate copies to local school libraries

3. Volunteer to do a book reading at the library or at the schools

4. Print book fliers to hand out at the reading (include a photo of the cover, a photo of the inside, book blurb, price and ordering info). Be sure to ask the host if this is acceptable.

5. For the public library readings, bring signed copies of your book for sale, or sign on demand. Ask the host ahead of time if this is acceptable.

6. Publicize the date and location of your readings as widely as possible. Post to Facebook on your personal and author page, send paper invites to family and friends, display a flier or small poster at the event location, post fliers in other public places where parents might see them. Print fliers and ask if your local school might even pass them out.

7. Bring props to set up an appealing table display with your books, for purchase after the reading.

***These tips were intended for my friend’s use in promoting her children’s book, but they could easily be used for adult literature as well…. With a few location changes of course.***